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Haven’t Blogged in a Week

So as you may know I have not blogged in a week. The truth behind this is because what I have to say would hurt someone who reads this. My ex. Most recently I have found myself blogging for the wrong reasons. So I took a break, to find myself. I am still searching but I am closer than I once was. Girl 2 and I have been on a nice little roller coaster ride. Not sure where it will lead. I will say this. I have learned a lot! I have gained a new best friend. Someone I have told my whole life too. She’s an absolutely amazing person! Well I plan to explain more this week. Just thought y’all deserved an explanation on where I have been! Classes start next week! Kind of excited and not for what is in store but all I do know is that I am Thankful!

Until Later World…. He Still Loves You!

God Bless



Well I made it to Indianapolis today it was a 12 hour drive from Oklahoma. We left at 7 this morning. Its been a crazy day. Girl 2 and I have been getting very serious… I think she may be my girlfriend in the near future. She is sweet and awesome.

We talk a bit how everything happens for a reason. Like how if she did not date my old friend we would have never met and wouldn’t make each other as happy as w do today! Funny story as you know I am a big fitness freak well she text me and was like don’t hate me I had beef jerky and chips for breakfast. The moment I received this text I look down and had beef jerky in my lap and chips in my hand. One of the funniest moments of my life.

Talking to her really shows I believe my true self. A self I do not have to hide anymore. I let the love I have for God show. I let the love I have for people show. It good to finally have that freedom to be me… Some people will always say that not me, but I just laugh because there will always be those people in your life who love you no matter what and there will be those people who will never love you.

I don’t know where this relationship will go. But I do know this I crave Girl 2 kisses, attention, and heart. It’s the first time in quite some time I have wanted to just lay down and kiss someone… I like that feeling. Girl 2 just surprised me with something that means a lot she just showed that she cared about me. She asked how I liked my Dad’s girlfriend… I know your probably like what but to me it shows she listen and she shows that she cared how I felt about something!

It the little things that matter in life. The big things will always work themselves out but its the little things that make something perfect or not so perfect!

First night since I was not slept in my bed since May 20th…. Aka the Tornado… Hopefully when I return this Monday there won’t be another tornado!

My life will never be the same since that day.. I have began to get used to that and I have slowly began to realize that may be a good thing! I love the Lord more, I love his children more, I love myself more, and I have learned more!

Until Tomorrow World…. He Still Loves You!

God Bless


I don’t know what it is today but I’ve been grumpy all day. I did not wake up in time for work which was no big deal but ever since waking up I have been grumpy! I guess it just one of those day.

We all have those days. So update on me and Girl 2. We went to lunch yesterday while I was at work my boss let me leave cause Girl 2 was having a bad day so I took her a rose, snicker, and a coke. It’s the little things that matter! Girls love chocolate and flowers.

Girl 2 and I have kissed. We actually kissed well made out Monday night after the movie, not a bad kisser either =). We talked today about what this “relationship” is that we have and were we see it because I want it to be open communication unlike the rest of my relationship. We established that we both did not want to rush into anything but that we are “talking” and we won’t see anyone else.

Today just been one of those off days. I honest wish I could explain it but I can’t. Work was super long today. Nothing really went right. I am going out-of-town for the next 4 days. I plan to still blog but we will see how that goes.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

Until Tomorrow World….. He Still Loves You!

God Bless

Last Night

So I typed up pretty much how my whole date went yesterday but then deleted it… Not sure why I just did! I will say this is was probably the best first date I can remember, no offenses to my ex-girlfriends. I am very interested in Girl 2. I will be honest I never thought I would meet someone like my ex-girlfriend and I won’t, which honestly is a good thing. Because you can’t think like that, but I will say this other in your life will come along and make you realize some things!

Girl 2 did something I found extremely sexy, she insisted on paying for our drinks at the movies. I was in awe because it was a first date and I figured I would pay for everything, no big deal but when she was so insisted on paying for something it really was like this girls a keeper! I am not saying that in a money matter but I believe when you are young money is semi a big deal. So when someone spends it on you, it shows respect and interest! I thought only a few women do this but I guess I was wrong.

Girl 2 is super sweet and super bad, and the good kind of bad. Lol, Pastor Craig! Girl 2 was really nice and sweet and just overall a great person. We share a lot in common but not too much to make it creepy! I don’t want to put too much out there on what we did but I will just say we did hold hands and the rest I will keep private… I know doesn’t make sense because I pretty much told y’all my past physical relationships during my last relationship but I just want to keep this to myself. I don’t want to gloat or anything like that. Holding her hand took a lot of courage for me to do. It was super hard to be honest. I was like go in or don’t, go in or don’t. Then I thought about the movie “We Bought a Zoo,” 20 seconds of insane courage and just went for it and BOOOMMMMM!!! As you can tell I am pretty excited about it! Holding hands is a big deal to me because it shows a sense of affection, I know your probably like well what about sex… That does to but holding someone hand shows the world this person is important to you, you don’t want to let them go….

I don’t know where this “relationship,” I guess you could call, it will go. But I will put my faith in God and I will walk in his light. I will do everything for God. I thank him everyday for the great things he has blessed me with in my life. I tweeted the other day, some people dream of this life, others don’t appreciate it, and some are thankful for it… Which are you? That’s honest how I feel. God will give you everything you need in life… You just have to be thankful for it!

1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIV
18 Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God;s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Until Tomorrow World….. He Still Loves You!God Bless


So I have my first date tonight, post-break-up! I am nervous and excited all at once. It’s not the first time, this girl and I have hung out.. But I don’t know its my first outing with a girl who wasn’t my ex-girlfriend in pretty much over a year. You see the last time I was out with a girl who wasn’t my ex-girlfriend was Strike 2, funny thing is the same girl, Girl 2 from Strike 2 is actually the same girl I am going on a date with.. Kind of crazy and it’s almost been an exact year from the date of Strike 2!

So last night I went to campus in Yukon with my boss’ daughter, she’s 15, it wasn’t like that, just want to make that clear! I found myself getting lost in the beauty of this girl in the row in front of ours, who was at church by herself. She was beautiful! It kind of made me find her so attractive that she was at church by herself. It takes a real women to go to a church by herself. Sorry that was off subject! Well at church Pastor Craig said you can’t marry a cherry limeade when you are dating a slush. If you don’t understand this, just come to Oklahoma and go to a Sonic and everything will make sense then!

What Pastor Craig was saying is you can’t marry Prince Charming while dating a Jerk! I used to be a slush, a Jerk. But today, I am striving to be Prince Charming to everyone I meet and to my future wife, well lets just say she will be marrying the most loving, caring, and compassionate man in the world. I’ve learned so much about a relationship from not being in a relationship for 7 weeks now! Yes, I keep count of the weeks! It’s probably been the longest no dating or kissing time in my life since my first real kiss at 15 years old!

My life as been forever changed. I owe one person for this and his name is Jesus Christ, my savior. I hate failing. I failed in my last relationship and I mean FAILED. Being a perfectionist, I wanted to fix what I failed at but I soon realized I could not fix what I had broken. But I did realize I could make sure I did not fail again in a relationship again. So, I have just began to sit back and do research on what makes a relationship work, what makes a relationship last, and what makes a relationship work through God. Because I don’t want any normal kind of relationship I want one with mean and purpose!

I don’t know who I will marry one day or if I will ever be married but I will tell you this I won’t fail in a relationship because of cheating, I wont fail in a relationship because of dishonesty, and I won’t fail in a relationship because of a lack of effort!

Psalms 37:4
4 Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

2 Timothy 2:22
22 Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

Until Tomorrow World…. I Still Love You!

God Bless

I Still Love You

What Does this mean? Why Do I always put it at the bottom? What it stand for?

What does it mean?

It used to mean I still love my ex-girlfriend.. But today what I Still Love You means to me is that no matter what I did in my past God still loves me. He still loves you! God loves you! No matter what mistakes you have made God still loves you. Just seek God be one with him! Give him your faith and he will give you his grace! Life without God is nothing so welcome him into your life!

I always put it on here on every post to remind myself and the world why I blog, why I start, the person I was, and to show that Jesus loves me still!

Today I’m going to church with my boss daughter! It should be fun I am semi nervous because I just hope she enjoys it and hopefully God will change her life like he has changed mine. I love the environment of church! It just gives me goosebumps and makes makes me happy and excited all at once!

James 5:16
16 Therefore confess you sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

Until Tomorrow World…. I Still Love You!

God Bless

Psalms 34:18

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Yesterday I watched service from the May 20th tornado which hit my hometown of Moore, Oklahoma. The service was called “Helping The Hurting.” I have attached a link at the bottom of the page to anyone who wishes to watch it!

I will be honest when I watch it, I balled like a big ol’ baby! It just hit me; it’s crazy how the world can change instantly. Your whole world can be flipped upside down at anytime. I was blessed to be in the grace of God that day and my life was spared but there was 23 others whose time had come. That day my town became stronger. This tornado and many other tornadoes did not make sense to me. Why was God doing this to us. I can’t explain God’s reasoning! I can explain this, if I could go back in time to that date, I would substitute my life for every child’s life that was taken from this world. I would go to 4th and telephone and take everyone out of that 7-11 and take them to the Moore Hospital instead. I would go to Plaza Towers and Briarwood Elementary and try to save anyone I could. I would change everyday after May 20th. But I can’t change the past. I can’t rewrite the wrongs in the world.

The Lord is close… God is always with you no matter what happens in your life, God is always by your side. I believe the real question is are you by his side….? In the video they ask Joey, one of the members about how he feels about losing his house and everything else. He said something that was so great to me, “This is an opportunity to trust in God.” To trust in God, your house is destroyed, everything you have is gone but what remains… your faith in God. Not faith in your friend or your faith in your spouse but faith in God. When you wrap your life around your faith in God, your life will never be the same. Get lost in God’s word and you will finally understand the meaning of life. Don’t be scared.. He is with you.

I am not perfect and never will be; I have flaws, many flaws. My reputation is from what I did in my past but my legacy will be from I do in my future! Have a safe and blessed weekend everyone. One Love!

Until Tomorrow World….. I Still Love You!

God Bless

Why I was Angry Yesterday

So yesterday I said I almost blogged out of anger but did not…. Here’s what happen… So I began to become interesting in the girl… We will just call her Amy… Well Amy and I began to text for quite some time, a couple of weeks. We began to text a lot and you know the texting when you’re crushing blah blah blah..

Well I told her I was not ready to date or really hang out yet… I have some soul-searching to do. Well she was okay with that, I have actually typed up a whole post about her but never posted it. She is fitness enthusiast as well. Which just had me like hello. She was a dime piece! Well the last couple of days she been acting all weird and not excited in her text messages. I formerly know this girl from my past. Well I asked her what was up and she said “just been busy.” This made me mad because I had been real with her about everything since day one. I told her about me, cheating, the protective order and just everything… She did not judge me or anything so I was glad! Well she “been busy” with her boyfriend. I found out she had a boyfriend for a couple of months now. I was in shocked I told her, I would not judge her but I would not be a home wrecker either… So I told her we could still be friends but that’s it. She began to say that when she would “make love” to him she would think about me… She even said she dreamed about me while laying in his bed…. It was completely wrong. I told her she needed to stop doing this to him. It was not right… She said she knew…. And is going to stop. I told her, I would not ruin their relationship by telling him, that is her job.

All of this happen yesterday and it just really upset me. But it was something else that upset me even more…. That was the fact that the “Amy” girl was the girl version of me in the past… So I kind of got a taste of what I was like back then… I am happy I changed… I am happy I am different. I have been putting some serious thought into my life. I have really began to get scared I will never find the one…. You see, in my past I had always seen my life, my family, my marriage with one person… But now that one person is gone so its hard to see myself having a family with anyone else… Well except one other person (my fellow church goer and her son). You know that one girl you always have a thing for? Well that her. She told me something the other day that just blew me away!

“Imagine a man so focused on God that the only reason he looked up to see you is because he heard God say…. There she is.”

That who I want to become. I want to be that man, not for her but for my life. So I will have eternal life. God has a plan for me and I don’t believe that plan involves alcohol or beer. So I just try to stay away from it. I know that sometimes it’s okay to go out and drink but to me I just don’t… I don’t know it turns me into someone who makes bad judgement.. I hate it because everyone I know, drinks…. It’s hard to be around them and not… I watch it consume their life… I don’t want to live life that… I don’t want to be consumed by anything except God and the other G in my life, the gym! I want my life to be centered around God. Not my friends, not my job, not my school, not alcohol, not beer, not sex, not attention, not likes or retweets, but I want to be consumed by the Grace of God!

I hear people say there may not be a God… Or some who say God will forgive me for all my sins no matter what because I asked him too… So they just keep sinning. Keep having sex before marriage, keep stealing, keep lying, keep hurting people and hurting God. You see I want my life to be about God and for God. I don’t care if you’re a police officer, fire fighter, teacher, mayor, governor or president. Just because you do “your duty” for society. Protect and serve, educate, look out for the future, make laws or whatever it is you do. Just because you believe that will be enough for you to have eternal life… May not be the case. Look you can always try harder to follow God’s word… To do what God wants you to do. You should always make the effort to do what God wants and he will reward you for it! Don’t be selfish, be thankful and give back you sinner lol! Be a man not a boy or be a woman and not a girl!

Until Tomorrow World….. I Still Love You!

God Bless

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is one of my biggest role models. I love everything about him, no homo. The best part I like is he’s always the same person no matter what! He’s never really changed. He has always been a huge follower of Christ, even through all the fame he has received!

He’s spread God’s word more than anyone in my lifetime! Tebow is an amazing person. Something he has taught me is that people will always judge you, But they don’t matter. I almost did an angry post today but I did not because I knew it wasn’t right. I look on my wall and seen Tebow jersey. So I decided to talk about him.

He has a book “Through My Eyes” which I recommend everyone to read even if you’re not a football fan! It’s a great book. He is the reason I began to go to church! I remember the first game I watched him play. It was in the National Championship against my hometown team the Oklahoma Sooners. I wanted Florida to win and they did. I went against my own team for Tebow, a Christian. It’s funny because I have turned away from so many things to be a true follower of Christ. Just crazy how things happen some times. Short post today! Sorry… I Will write more tomorrow!

Until Tomorrow World….. I Still Love You!

God Bless

Power of Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for everything You have blessed me with in my life! I know a lot of the time, I do not show my appreciation for those blessings and I am sorry. I am glad we get the chance to talk everyday. Today’s been a weird day for me. Not sure why, It has had its up and its down but it is what it is. I feel once again like it’s You and me against the world, even though I know that not true… It’s just how it feels today. I want to be truthful with you Lord, your grace is awesome… But You sure have a funny way of making me learn. I guess, I should blame myself for that. I want to ask you to look out for those who have stood by my side through these past few days, weeks, and even years. It been a long journey. I want you to bless those who haven’t stood by my side because I believe they are the ones who need you most in their life. I want you to find all the non-believers and make them believers because you are the only God! My life is nothing without you and I truly believe that. Thank you for forgiving me of my past sins, present sins, and future sins because I will never be perfect. Please find those who are searching for you. Guide them to the light, like you did for myself! And all of God’s people said…


Until Tomorrow World…. I Still Love You!

God Bless

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